- Wrinkles / Loss of Volume -

This will affect everyone, in time. Our Grandmothers had few options other than topical creams. With the latest technology, we can dramatically minimize wrinkles and loss of volume, leaving a more relaxed and beautiful appearance. With combined treatment approaches, we customize a plan that best suits each individual client.


At RevitalizeMD we have extensive experience in the injection of Botox, Dysport and a variety of dermal fillers, using the MD Codes™ protocols to achieve natural and beautifully refreshed appearances.


PRP injected directly and through microneedling can also significantly minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Laser treatments, such as the Halo™ and BBL deliver excellent results in the minimization of lines by stimulating collagen production, leaving the skin smooth and firm.


Of course, we also have an excellent selection of topical skin care to compliment your treatment results.  A combination approach is typically the best solution for wrinkle relief.


We are happy to see you for a free consultation and discuss your best plan.

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