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Sexual health and physical intimacy are important for men and women at all ages. The body may change over time, but your healthy sexual relationship can endure.


We can support your long-term intimacy through a combined approach that includes bio-identical hormone therapy, injectables, medical devices and conventional prescriptions. Today’s options can enhance your confidence, the quality of your physical intimacy and overall relationships.

Our process begins with Dr. Panesar completing a full medical assessment (which often includes lab work) to gain necessary history and insight into causes of sexual health challenges. After gaining a fulsome picture, an individualized program is created for each client.


If hormone issues are identified, prescriptions for balancing hormones will be discussed (See BHRT treatment).


If vaginal wall thinning or atrophy is a concern, the DiVa might be recommended to increase tissue thickness, lubrication and sensation.


Both men and women can respond to the Emsella, which stimulates and strengthens the entire pelvic floor, increasing blood flow to the pelvic structures and improving sexual function. We call it the “happiness” chair.


Additionally, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be used in the intimate regions of men and women to increase tissue growth and blood flow, improving function and sensation.


There is no concern too intimate to discuss with us. We are here to help.

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