Improve sexual sensation with the power of PRP (platelet-rich plasma)

This is for you gentleman: there is an injection that will enhance your sex-drive, performance and function.


By injecting the client’s own plasma, this treatment is minimally invasive and virtually painless due to an effective numbing protocol. The P-Shot® is suitable for all men and can be used with or without prescription therapies. This patented treatment restores cells and tissues and confidence with no side-effects.


The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in different aspects of medicine has become more popular over the past several years. PRP is produced from a person’s own blood. It is the concentration of one type of cell, platelets and the liquid portion of the blood that contains many of the factors that are responsible for healing.


After a blood sample is taken from you, the blood is then placed in a centrifuge where it spins and separates the blood into its components.  The PRP, which is a concentrated source of growth and cellular healing factors, is then injected into tissue where it can stimulate a healing reaction that allows healthier tissue to develop.


For men, the reduction in testosterone production with time can have an impact on many aspects including libido, erectile function and size and girth of the penis.


With the P-shot, PRP is injected strategically to increase erectile function, sensation and size. All this results in an improved sexual experience.

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