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Hyperpigmentation or dark patches on the skin can be frustrating and difficult to hide. Left untreated, they typically get worse. Treatment can be tricky and needs to be delivered by someone with experience.


Melasma is a common skin problem and often extremely concerning for those with the condition. It causes brown to gray-brown patches, often on the face. It is often most visible on the cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. While exposure to sunlight appears to make the patches worse, Melasma is often thought to be hormonally triggered. It is sometimes known as “the mask of pregnancy.”


There are a variety of treatment options available. The use of topical lightening regimes along with resurfacing lasers, and Microneedling with PRP have all been used in combination to help reduce Melasma. Time and persistence are typically necessarily to get results. Addressing this concern as early as possible is recommended.


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