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Beautiful lips are a timeless sign of beauty.  Full and sensuous lips are inviting. According to modern psychologists, full lips communicate openness, approachability and beauty. With the advent of lip-fillers, this look can be yours.

The smooth, full, lips that we desire are obtainable with today’s newest injectables. We take a gradual approach to lip augmentation, ensuring lovely, but subtle results. The newest trend in lip treatments uses micro-doses of Botox or Dysport to create a gentle flip of the upper-lip to provide fullness, with or without the use of filler (“The Lip-Flip”). Trusting your lips to a professional with years of experience and a well-trained eye is the key to obtaining the beautiful result you want.


If a natural looking pout is what you are after, come see us for a complimentary consultation to discuss lip enhancements. We have the technical experience and artistic eye to deliver just the right touch. You will never look overdone. This service consistently leaves our clients smiling.



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