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Smooth skin is luxurious and sensuous.

For centuries, women and men of all cultures have sought out ways to remove and lessen body hair.

Laser hair removal, which has revolutionized this process has been popular for decades.


At Edmonton’s RevitalizeMD, we offer one of the newest and most advanced lasers: The Forever Bare BBL. It delivers a more comfortable, safe and effective treatment. As a result, we can achieve better results with fewer treatments, making the cost of laser hair removal affordable.


All body areas are treated by our team of professional nurses. Popular areas include basic bikini to Brazilian treatments, as well as back, chest, underarm and leg hair removal.


The Forever Bare BBL offers several advantages over other laser hair removal platforms:


• Comfort- the unique handpiece provides continuous cooling, making this one of the most comfortable laser hair removal systems available.

• Speed - our platform supports extremely fast treatment times

• Safety – the skin is completely protected with cooling and ultrasound gel that allows the handpiece to glide smoothly

• Flexibility - large or small areas to be treated quickly using different adapters

• Versatility - most skin types can be treated, including darker skin.

Treatment Options:

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Forever Bare BBL

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