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Dark and full lashes frame our eyes beautifully. They leave us looking rested and vibrant.  Many women spend thousands of dollars over the years on mascara and lash extensions. Regardless of the lashes you are born with, we can make them naturally longer and fuller. Latisse™ is a simple, nightly, at-home treatment that prolongs the hair growth cycle creating longer, thicker and fuller natural lashes.

Lash extensions which use harsh chemicals to bond false lashes to your hair follicles can eventually cause damage to the hair you have and potentially damage the follicles themselves. Latisse™ allows your hair cells to grow beautifully and naturally.


Latisse™ is the medication Bimatoprost. It was initially used to treat glaucoma. During preliminary clinic trials, eyelash growth was found to be an unexpected side effect. Research investigated how this could be used to increase lash length without affecting eye pressure and Latisse™ was created!

A small amount of Latisse™ is applied to a clean upper eyelid along the eyelash line. It gradually encourages growth resulting in longer, thicker and darker lashes that can be seen as early as 8 weeks with a full effected by 16 weeks.

Latisse™ is a safe and effective treatment that promotes eyelash growth with no impact on the eye, or its color. Rest assured your baby blues and lovely green eyes will simply be enhanced by you newly thickened lashes. With initial use some people may experience some redness to the edge of the eyelid and slight darkening under the eye, which typically resolves with some time.

Latisse™ can safely be used in combination with most peptide treatments and lash conditioners such as EyeEnvy to increase your results.


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