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Many women and men are troubled by enlarged pores. Pores are small openings on the skin where sweat and oil are released.  They are often connected to the hair follicles on the skin as well.


Pores can become enlarged for several reasons. Sometimes it is a hereditary or genetic predisposition. Oily or acne-prone skin, with increased oil production can cause pores to become enlarged with time. These factors coupled with oil that sits on the surface of the skin can exaggerate the appearance of enlarged pores. Lastly, depleted collagen that occurs with dryness and aging can worsen the appearance of large pores.



There are many treatments available to rejuvenate the skin, minimize the appearance of pores and leave the skin looking smooth and youthful. Our combined approach typically includes:


Volite which adds hydration and smoothness to the texture of the skin, lessening the appearance of large pores.


Dermalinfusion, which removes the top layer of dead dry skin along with the trapped whiteheads and blackheads that cause pores to be stretched and widened.


Fractionated lasers such as the Halo increase the underlying collagen of the skin while smoothing out the skin surface, lessening the appearance of enlarged pores.


Supportive skin products lessen oil production, encourage hydration and collagen production add to this regime allowing for a smoother skin surface.


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