Build muscle & sculpt your body with no surgery and no downtime

EMSculpt® is a non-invasive body sculpting solution that builds the foundation to one's appearance while burning fat.  It is an alternative to the Brazillian Butt Lift that is non-ionizing, non-radiating and non-thermal.  Best of all, EMSculpt® is anesthesia and needle free.


Emsculpt is a groundbreaking new approach to sculpting the abdomen and buttocks.  It is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that simultaneously addresses both Muscle and Fat.


Emsculpt can now sculpt and tone arms and legs as well. The new small contour applicators allow new protocols to firm and strengthen  biceps, triceps and calves.


Muscles represent about 35% of the human body, but existing aesthetic treatments only address fat. Emsculpt introduces a first of its kind application of a unique magnetic field. HIFEM technology penetrates through skin to impact fat, as well as muscle tissues. Once penetrated, the energy induces 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions that are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in fat cells to not only strengthen and build muscle, but also burn belly fat. This is the ONLY technology that builds muscle by up to 22% and burns fat by about 23% simultaneously, all while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. Emsculpt can be used shortly post-pregnancy.

Emsculpt is FDA-cleared and Health Canada approved for the strengthening, toning and firming of the abdomen and buttocks and is now FDA-cleared for arms and legs as well. This game-changing technology helps patients achieve next-level muscle contouring and increases the strength and stamina of both the abdominal and gluteal region to help patients take their physique to the next level. The recent addition of small contour applicators to the system allows for new protocols to strengthen and improve muscle tone in the arms and legs as well.


If you aspire to six-pack abs or better tone in your calves or upper arms, this is for you!

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