- Bladder Control Challenges -

Are your trips to the bathroom becoming more and more frequent? Are you restricting your activities due to an uncooperative bladder? Are you waking in the night to use the bathroom?


These are issues for many women, and they often begin gradually. While childbirth is frequently the starting point, in time weakened pelvic floor muscles can exacerbate the problem of urinary incontinence.


If you pee when you sneeze (“Peezing”) and always need to know the location of nearest bathroom, we have better options to address that leaky bladder. Conventional treatments such as estrogen supplementation, medical prescriptions and surgery are invasive and carry risk. The diVa® laser, Emsella and O-Shot® present excellent options for women with all degrees of urinary incontinence. Save money by taking “pads” off your shopping list.


The diVa is an FDA approved therapy that revitalizes vaginal walls, thereby creating better support for the bladder, while also addressing any intimate discomfort issues. This minimally invasive treatment is painless with little downtime.


The Emsella offers an excellent option to pelvic-floor therapy. By using HIFEM (high intense focused electromagnetic energy), the entire pelvic floor muscle sling is stimulated. Each Emsella treatment is the equivalent of 11,800 super-maximal contractions, which are like Kegels, but stronger and more effective, “Super Kegels”. The result is a thicker, stronger pelvic muscle giving you great bladder control. The treatment is entirely non-invasive. You remain fully clothed as you spend 30 minutes on our special Emsella chair, otherwise known as the Kegel Throne!


The O-shot uses PRP to stimulate tissue growth and thickness in the peri-urethral area, which increases bladder control.


While all three of these treatments are effective in treatment of bladder issues, they also enhance sexual function and satisfaction. A good news story, all around.


See and feel the difference for yourself.

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